COX 2 Ver. 0.87.02 release

More content!  More bugfixes!  More fun!

NOTE - if you're downloading the patch and have previously altered your preferences in the game, you'll have to do so again - this patch, of necessity, overwrites the old preference file. 

NOTE ALSO: Old save games won't work with this new version.  Not sure what will happen if you try, but I assume the game will mess up majorly.  So, maybe finish any ongoing games before installing the patch.

Download the patch if you're upgrading, or the whole game if you're new to it!   If upgrading, just download the zip file, place it in your main Caverns of Xaskazien 2 folder, unzip it, and answer yes to any "do you wish to overwrite" previous files questions.

Here’s the patch notes:

Major Improvements:

- Restored Races: Lizard Man, Tree Man.  (All original races have now been restored to the game with complete perk lists!)

- Restored Classes: Dragon Slayer, Druid, Warlock, Explorer, Paladin.

- New Spell: Pyrophilia.

- New Perks: Swamp Stench, Tail Whip, Tail Balance, Scale Coating, Swamp Life, That Hiss, Weep No More, Scalecraft, Piercing Blow, Fire With Fire, Bathed in Flame, Flame Retardant, Natural Buoyancy, Grow Ally, Subsidiary Limbs, Thick Bark, Regrowth, Call Insects, Mushroom Identification, Call Animal, Eagle’s Wings, Ways of the Forest, Woodland Attunement, Animal Friends, Chant the Chant, Black Rituals, Mental Wards, Summon Demon, Dark Arts, Interdimensional Doorways, Demonic Control, Sense of Surroundings, Jungle Survival, Climbing, Spelunking, A Leg Up, Always a Backup, Spot the Details, Moral Code, Laying of Hands, Divine Right, Royal Blood, Dignity, Chivalry, Shining Armour.

- New Booby Traps: Jinx, Grease Trap, Smoke Trap.

Minor Improvements:

- Changed Grappling Hooks from allowing you to recheck for success when leaping over pits to granting a 50% chance to recheck for success when leaping over pits, because they were overpowered, and would conflict with new perks.

- Dwarf Unique Ability will now also increase likelihood of shedding a Disease with any new map entered by 10%.

- Magic Items and Perks which have spell-like effects no longer actually cast the spell, meaning subsidiary effects, like altering Divine Attitudes, will no longer occur unless stated. Likewise, things like the Tree Man’s Unique Ability will no longer apply to the effects of most Magic Items or Perks (but will still to those cast by Wands/Staves/Rods or Scrolls), and items that affect the outcome of spells will not affect the outcome of spell-like effects.

- Slowed down scrolling of screen with keyboard, as it had gotten way too fast.

- Altered colours of Foliage and Dense Foliage to make sure they better stand out from each other and from Light Foliage.

- Added textual clarification to query of Copper/Bronze/Brass armour types that their bonus to repair chance applies only to themselves, and not to all items.

- Made “Light” icon appear on Stealth Button if your Stealth Mode is active, but you have a light source, as a quick glance reminder that your Stealth is inoperative because of a light source.

- Added new high score title for Tribesman.

- Even when not wandering, monsters of Standard or Genius Intelligence will now acknowledge the possibility of what a square could turn into (for instance, Empty Space near Fire or Lava can become Smoke, and Empty Space within 3 squares of a Poison Gas Fissure can become Poison Gas), and may decide not to enter for that reason.

- If your Memory Skill is Expert and you’ve already learned your maximum number of spells, the game will no longer advise you to raise your Memory Skill when you try to learn another.

- Changed the way Chasm floors display to make the Gently Sloping, normal and Treacherous varieties more discernible at a glance.

- Lowered casting cost of Web spell still further, from 2 Spell Points to 1, to make it more useful.

- Clarified in query of various Religions during character creation that certain gods/goddesses can be angered by the use of certain prayers, not just by praying at shrines.

- Made Lastaviark also angered by killing things with Fire or Acid, because he was a little too damned congenial.

- Using a Necromancer’s Raise Dead ability will no longer anger good gods. (Using any perks shouldn’t have an effect on divine relationships).

- Added calculation of Experience to be earned to query of Throne and Golden Throne.

- In each of the Skill Tabs, added queryable indication of your current max trainable level in that Skill type.

- Changed Paladin Class Deficiency #1 from “Can’t learn Advanced Spell Use” to “Can’t equip Improvised Weapons/Breastplates/Shields/Helmets”, both for thematic purposes, and to vary things.

- Added player option (with 3 settings) to the Option Menu, to warn the player and then give the choice to decline if he/she has chosen an action that could result in finding more gold than the character is capable of carrying. This option defaults to “Only If Already Carrying Gold” and saves in the player’s preference settings.

- Temple will now only sound its gong if you’re donating treasure, to call your attention to the fact that you’ve done so.

- Weapons in Stone will no longer yield a heavily enchanted Weapon, but a Legendary Weapon, instead.

- Changed how Grease squares work, to make them more interesting and to make Grease Spell more useful. Now, instead of having a 75% chance of sliding when in a Grease square, entering such a square makes you or non-flying monsters Greasy for 10 to 30 turns. While Greasy, characters have a 75% chance of sliding randomly each turn. 

- Genius level monsters will now be hesitant to enter Grease. Other monsters won’t notice while chasing or fleeing from you. All monsters will avoid it while wandering.

- Raised cost of Grease Spell from 2 Spell Points to 3, to account for increased power.

 Bug Fixes:

- HOPEFULLY fixed error preventing text output explaining the outcome if you activate a Cursed Scroll of some form of disease but already have that disease.

- Fixed error halving your Spell Points if you activate a Cursed Scroll of Redstain Fugue, but already have Redstain Fugue.

- Fixed error halving your Health Points if you activate a Cursed Scroll of Whiterot, but already have Whiterot.

- Fixed error randomizing the type of werebeast you will turn into if you activate a Cursed Scroll of Lycanthropy but already have Lycanthropy.

- Fixed bug where player would find Dragon Teeth every time he/she was supposed to find Dragon Tears.

- Fixed text overwrite in query of Snake Pit.

- Fixed error in query of Active Fumarole outputting the damage to be caused by the square far down on the screen.

- Fixed typos when drinking Port, Mead, Magic Mead or Mead from a barrel, telling you you’d become “weakenend” (instead of “weakened”).

- Fixed text overwrite in queries of all types of Open, Poison Spiked Pits.

- Fixed error not scrolling phrase, “Midas Touch” above your character when you use the Midas Touch perk.

- Fixed error rendering Periapt of Elemental Resistance functionless.

- Fixed error not altering Fiberian or Rallaishan attitudes when you cast Creature Copy.

- Fixed typo in text output of Desperation if it would normally kill you but you resist the magic.

- Fixed error messing up the display of some enchanted Machetes.

- Fixed error not allowing monsters detected by ESP to always be queried when trying to do so via the Map Screen.

- Fixed typo in query of Detect Secret Doors spell book.

- Fixed outdated info in text output of Detect Secret Doors spell.

- Fixed error preventing characters from auto-walking through squares containing a friendly, immobile monster.

- Fixed error causing summoned “level appropriate” monsters to sometimes NOT be level appropriate.

- Fixed error causing Sacramental Wine to give you Spell Points in addition to Faith Points.

- Fixed multiple errors not properly taking into account Drowning Resistance when calculating how much damage you would take from drowning.

- Fixed error messing up query of Impending Lightning Strike event.

- Fixed errors flashing “No Target” output text too fast when using the Scramble Perk or Entanglement spell without a target.

- Fixed error sometimes, in the Inventory list, messing up the suffix enchantment of a Breastplate/Shield/Helmet in a bulk slot.

- Fixed errors posting wrong image and improperly spacing text when informing you you’d become electrified.

- Fixed typos in queries of Staff of Fireballs and Flame Strike Rod, referring to both as wands.

- Fixed error applying Ice Cave theming to Ghostly Realm (and no theming to Ice Cave).

- Fixed errors allowing Enchant Armament to make Breastplates/Shields/Helmets Small/Compact or Trollish/Titanic, and to make Weapons Tiny/Little/Small or Large/Huge/Giant, all of which could cause inventory issues.

- Fixed error not destroying Prayer of Alluman Ritualism when you successfully use it, and possibly not subtracting the Faith Points for casting the Alluman Ritual miracle, either.

- Fixed error allowing Creature Copy spell to work on Xaskazien.

- Fixed error allowing you to accidentally impale yourself on Stalagmites if you autowalk into or through them and your previous square was a Stalactite.

- Fixed rare error sometimes telling you you’re not trained to use your current weapon when your current weapon is nothing.

- Fixed error not always waking you if a monster hits you while you’re sleeping.

- Fixed error only lowering Faith by 10 points, instead of 20, if you worship Lastaviark and kill something with poison.

- Fixed typos when you try to equip a Weapon or Armour piece which has a Condition of 0% stating “It’s condition is too poor” (instead of “Its”).

- Fixed rare error which could occasionally textually output the wrong reason something happened.

- Fixed error allowing monsters who shouldn’t be able to cross water to enter a water square as long as they are wandering.

- Fixed text overwrite in query of Open Dimensional Portal Spell Book.

- Fixed error that could freeze the game while trying to place an Elevator during map generation, in the extremely rare event that a map has no walls on it.

- Fixed error giving player the option to interact with an adjacent Fireplace, even while asleep.


Caverns of Xaskazien 2 Ver. 688 MB
Aug 12, 2019
COX2 0.85.28 to 0.87.02 3 MB
Aug 12, 2019

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