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In conjunction with its predecessor, Caverns of Xaskazien II has been in development since 1995.  It is a completely playable game, but will continue to receive free updates for the foreseeable future.

Game Features:
- A rich, graphical game, with loads of animation and dynamic, coloured per pixel lighting.
- An exclusive orchestral soundtrack created for the game by professional film scorer, Dave Coleman.
- A full sound environment with close to 1000 unique sound effects, volume keyed to the source’s distance from your character.
- An intuitive keyboard and mouse interface.
- An easy to understand UI that ensures all information any player could want on any topic is only a mouse hover away.
- 300 visually distinct monsters, each with a dozen+ variants (including named boss types), and robust AI that differs by monster intelligence level.  Summoning and Charm methods allow you to raise your own monstrous army to fight for you, too.
- Merchants and NPCs to deal with, as well, each of which can run afoul of the monsters, just like you.
- More than a hundred unique booby traps for the unwary, most of which may be set by players to ensnare monsters, too.
- 125 base weapons and 75 base armour pieces, each with thousands of possible enchantment combinations and legendary variants.
- Hundreds of unique magic items, mundane items, potions, scrolls, staves, wands, rods, food items, etc.
- More than 200 unique spells.
- Play as either sex in any combination of 38 Classes and 13 Races, and customize your character as you see fit through the upgrading of both Attributes and Skills.
- A new Religion system in which you vie for the affections of dozens of gods and goddesses, and where you can devote yourself exclusively to one of 13 different religions.
- Procedurally generated dungeons utilizing multiple methods of generation to create caves, structured areas, labyrinths and even forests, supplemented by occasional pre-generated dungeons called Legendary Lands.
- Hundreds of unique environmental features to interact with and use to your tactical advantage (or detriment).
- Both random and scheduled special Events to mix up gameplay.
- A comprehensive user's manual in the docs folder.
- All for the low, low price of free :)

Install instructions

For the game: Download, unzip, run the .exe.  (Alternatively, read the manual in the docs folder or the readme file in the main folder, first.  That's what I'd do).

For any new patch: Download, place the new zip file in your main Caverns of Xaskazien 2 folder and unzip it.  Answer yes to copying over any previous files it asks about.  The updated game should then run normally.


Caverns of Xaskazien 2 Ver. 0.85.28.zip 688 MB
COX2 0.79.91 to 0.85.28 patch.zip 3 MB
COX2 0.78.94 to 0.79.91 patch.zip 3 MB
COX2 0.76.66 to 0.76.89 patch.zip 3 MB

Development log


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Hello Mr.Dev, I was wondering what a good beginner race/class combo would be? common sense would say whatever swings the heaviest weapon and takes the most hits, but I wanted your opinion first. Thank you for developing such an awesome and free RL!

I usually randomize everything, to be honest.  I would avoid anything with low starting health for a beginner.  So no elvish assassins, say.  Maybe a Dwarven Warrior?  Pretty basic.

P.S.  I'm working on a massive new update.  It's been slow going, but in addition to adding more content and gameplay improvements than any previous updates, it also fixes a couple of critical bugs.  I'll get it out ASAP!

I download Caverns of Xaskazien 2 Ver. 0.78.94 and when it 91% get error

Hmmm...  Not sure what would cause this.  There's been about 500 downloads and you're the first to mention.  Have you tried more than once with the same result?


Linux port possible?

I wouldn't even know how, in truth.  If it's a simple process and someone can direct me to info on that process, perhaps.

Are you using Unity?

No.  C++.

I there a way to prevent yourself from attacking monsters? I don't like accidentally killing monsters that are faster than me that will make my god angry but it keeps happening.

There are ways to minimize the risk, but no way to just not fight.  You can unequip your weapon before encountering them, to ensure you do less damage if you do hit.  You can keep your distance where possible (especially from Animal intelligence monsters, as they won't generally approach if you don't get close).  You can take steps to discourage them from chasing you like Confusing or Paralyzing them...  that's about it, at present. 

Might be a neat idea to add a toggleable "Pacifist" button or something where you can turn off your side of the fight, though.  Never occurrred to me before.  I'll look into it.

Thanks for the idea.  I've implemented a new key/button that toggles on or off your swinging at enemy monsters, so you can turn off your side of the combat if you're engaging a monster you don't want to kill (though they'll keep hacking at you).  Will be include in the next upload in a couple days. 

Sounds awesome! Would it be too much to make a per monster configurable option or something? So maybe for example its default settings are set not to kill monsters in the categories which your god will hate you for killing?

Interesting idea.  Hadn't considered it.  At present, it'll just be a toggleable option.  Won't have time to implement something more complete before the next release.  I'll bear it in mind for later. 

Scratch what I said.  It was too good an idea to pass up, so I've implemented it.  You can now toggle your Combat State to Fight, Don't Fight, or Selectively Fight, and can select specific monster types to add or remove from your Selectively Fight list at any time.  While set to Selectively Fight, you won't swing at any monster types you've specified in the list.  The game defaults to Selectively Fight, with any monsters your deity would prefer you not to kill automatically chosen.  (It also defaults to adding Golems to this list, since you won't be able to hurt them in combat at start of game, and trying will just wear down your weapon, though you can remove them or any other monster types from the list at any time).

It works great! Thanks for implementing this.

Thank you for the idea!

Deleted post

This stuff seems amazing, but there's a few things I wanna talk about.

1) IMO, fonts are quite bad. I know that it's stylized like this, but it makes stuff much harder to read, for me at least.

2) Why you can move only in 4 sides? Why not use classic 8-sides movement system on numpad which is used in most of roguelikes?

3) Bar buttons should be down here, not on the right side., in my mind. Also, if you moved them, you could make them larger.

4) Why not add high-res suppor instead of making it 1280x720? I mean, yeah, it's in long time development, but...

Anyway, don't take this like I didn't liked the game! It still seems amazing for me, especially when it's so full of different content. I really like it, and hopefully it will be worked on more!

Hey, Fenos.  Thanks for the comments.  In specific response:

1) The fonts initially used in the game were a deliberate attempt to match (as closely as I could) the fonts I'd used in the original Caverns.  However, a lot of people complained that they were hard to read, so it now defaults to something much easier to read (at least in most instances), with the option to toggle back to the gothic fonts if a player wishes.  The character creation menu still uses stylized fonts for the large lettering, because the feedback I was getting was that at that scale everything remained legible, even in that style.  But if enough people raise this as an issue, I'll switch the fonts on that page, too.  Wouldn't be too tricky an issue to address, I don't think.  In terms of changing the "new", smaller font (the one I already switched to to make things legible), if that was also deemed hard to read, the one problem would be that since screen co-ordinates remain absolute, and there's finite room to print things in the supplied text boxes, I would have to find something that remained pixel perfect in alignment with the old font.  If a printed sentence grew even one or two pixels longer as a result of changing fonts, it could mess up all outputted text and take dozens of hours to realign everything manually (if that was even possible). 

2) Initially movement was in all 8 directions for player and monsters.  But I hated allowing either to move diagonally between walls or other impassable obstacles (where wall corners abutted, for instance).  Imposing the restriction there ended up being a pain in the ass programming-wise, but even more so in gameplay, because players were getting confused as to why they couldn't do so, so I culled it back to 4 directions, and I've since grown used to it in game.  I've been playing some Moria lately, and I'll admit when first coming back to Caverns it was jarring for me to have only 4 directional movement, but it wore off quickly, so changing it isn't a high priority.  Players who aren't used to roguelikes also find the 4 directional movement easier to grasp, so there's an upside.

3) Not sure what you mean by "Bar buttons" or "down here."  If you mean the clickable buttons to change sidescreen tabs, that's the only screen real estate available where they won't overlap anything important.  At the bottom of the screen they would need either impinge on the view screen or the Situation Panel.  Are those the buttons you're referencing?

4) When I first abandoned Caverns in favour of starting Caverns 2 (in 2010) I was still using a 4:3 monitor.  I had recently programmed another tile based game called "The Zombie Nightmare of Fillibree County" and it used 1024*768.  Since this was a marked improvement over the original Caverns' 640*480, I just went with it.  Today I'm working on a 4K monitor and if I could go back in time, I'd make a different choice.  But, cards on the table, I'm not a savvy enough coder to know how to allow players to choose their resolution.  And I suppose there may well be some players still out there with 4:3 monitors, so 1024*768 might not be the worst choice...  And further cards on the table, screen positions are hard coded - i.e. the game checks absolute X,Y coordinates for the mouse and places things at hard coded specific X,Y coordinates, etc.  Changing the resolution now, even just to a new, single specified resolution, would mean months of work.  And since the graphics aren't going to be scalable, it would really yield little fruit.  Unless I get around to programming COX 3 in 10 or 20 years, this one almost certainly won't change.

Glad you're enjoying the game!  The one thing I can promise is even more content...  in time.

Just want to say thank you!

Thank you for playing!