COX 2 Ver. 0.79.81 release

Download the patch if you're upgrading, or the whole game if you're new to it!   If upgrading, just download the zip file, place it in your main Caverns of Xaskazien 2 folder, unzip it, and answer yes to any "do you wish to overwrite" previous files questions.

The prime focus of this update is bug fixes, in preparation for the next major release.  That said, there are also some cool quality of life advancements in here, as well as some dungeon variation in the form of more interesting and varied map generation.

Here's the specifics, and, as always, thanks for playing!

Major Improvements:

- Added possibility for various types of rounded rooms in BSP map generation. Made Naga Lairs and Efreet Lairs always default to fully rounded rooms for thematic purposes.

- Added possibility for triangular rooms in BSP map generation. Made Dark Gnome Lairs always default to Triangular rooms for thematic purposes.

- Added Cellular Automata as an alternate means of generating cave-like environs. Made many Lairs use this method instead of the original method to mix things up.

- Added possibility for rooms in BSP map generation to have pillars running in various formations. Made it possible for these pillars to have decorative elements like candles or shelves.

- New Map Tiles: Polybolos, Trebuchet, Concealed Doors.

- New Spell: Kindle.

- New Cursed Scroll: Scroll of Gibberish.

Minor Improvements:

- Made it so Foliage, Sand, Grease, Crumbling Floors and Hot Coals will no longer spread during map generation through walls - this should make levels that contain them a little more aesthetically pleasing and logical, as well as less confusing to navigate.

- Added textual clarifications when Bless Armour, Hone Weapon or Lastaviark’s Blessing fail because you’re trying to use them on a Legendary Weapon or Armour.

- Made the auto-walk no longer avoid Ice if you’re wearing Snow Shoes.

- Added Situation Panel text output when jewellery of Mending/Healing/Regeneration kicks in, if your Text Prompts aren’t set to Expert. (Also made it skip the sound effect, text output and scrolling text if it’s healing 0 Health).

- Added “red text” annotation of how much EXP you’ll earn if you successfully identify a Coat of Arms to query of such a square.

- Reworded text in query of Shazdrian entrance to make it less confusing.

- Added Reorganize button to Inventory to let you, with one click, reorganize your inventory by type, so everything is easier to find.

- Added new graphic to differentiate an unloaded Ballista from a loaded one.

- Added new sound effect for Ballista (and Polybolos and Trebuchet) to give it more weight than the old crossbow sound.

- Changed text that describes your likelihood of shedding poison in query of poison status to “red text” to ensure that it stands out, and added red text annotation of how much health you’ll lose every 10 turns.

- Added Fruit, Meat, Drink, Book and Magic Item icons to accompany inventory and dropped items lists, to aid the new reorganization system in making different item types stand out.

- Changed Trinket Icon to make it more recognizable and to help it stand out from new Meat Icon.

- Gave Cooking Fires a 1/600 chance to extinguish each turn, to help mitigate abuses on levels with both Cooking Fires and massive quantities of meat.

- Changed colour of Detected Pit Traps to bright red instead of black, to make sure they show up against all backgrounds.

Bug Fixes:

- Fixed error inaccurately forecasting when Festival of the New Hunt Joined is going to take place.

- Fixed error in query of Smoke incorrectly telling you the square could cause you 0 damage, if 5% of your Max Health was less than 1.

- Fixed text overwrite in query of Giant Fly.

- Fixed error where Giant Flies creating Giant Maggots from the corpses of unique monsters were transferring the properties of the unique monster to the new Giant Maggot.

- Fixed error allowing monsters to eat NPCs, even if the monster is nauseous or electrified.

- Fixed error letting knights kill monsters, even if the knight is nauseous or electrified.

- Fixed error where the game was first playing the sound of a bow or crossbow firing if you throw and miss with a Sphere of Disintegration but are also coincidentally wielding a bow or crossbow.

- Fixed errors with Bless Armour miracle, Hone Weapon miracle and Lastaviark’s Blessing miracle, treating Improvised Weapons and Armour as though they were Heavy.

- Fixed error allowing you to drop 26 items in a square instead of 25.

- Fixed typo in query of Brigand’s Stash entrance.

- Fixed errors allowing illusionary Giant Flies to create Giant Maggots, illusionary Giant Maggots to devour corpses, illusionary Necromancers to animate dead and illusionary Crypt Keepers to lock doors and fixtures.

- Fixed error causing you to plunge into water when Ice breaks beneath you, even if you’re under the effects of a Water Walking spell.

- Fixed error that could, under very rare circumstances, extend long bridges into the outer wall boundary of the map.

- Fixed typo in query of Ballista.

- Fixed error in query of all Spider Filled Webs telling you your chance of becoming Mildly Poisoned is 0% if you happen to have a Breathing Mask.

- Fixed bugs messing up text output of queries of Divine Wrath, Flesh Knit and Total Reconstruction spell books.

- Fixed error not adjusting volume of rattling chain sound based on distance of shackled monsters.

- Fixed text spacing error in query of Strength during character creation.

- Fixed text spacing error in query of Marble Pedestal.

- Fixed error making Marble Pedestals invisible.

- Fixed text overwrite in query of Open Spiked Pit.

- Fixed outdated info in query of Mirror Image Spell Book, claiming the spell costs 35 Spell Points, when it now costs only 30.

- Fixed error slightly messing up text output if you contract White Rot from a Befouled Potion.

- Fixed typo in query of Mushroom Patch.

- Fixed text spacing errors and absent info in query of Raised Drawbridge Over Lava.

- Fixed absent info in query of Bridges, Rope Bridges and Draw Bridges over Lava, Acid and Chasms.

- Fixed error sometimes putting incorrect item icons next to bulk slots in Inventory list.

- Fixed major error completely negating the effectiveness of all forms of player Acid Resistance as pertains to the damage a player takes.

- Fixed red text in queries of Acid and Acidic Vapour not taking into account resistances to object destruction when reporting the likelihood of that happening.

- Fixed error causing wrong graphic to appear with text output explaining that an object had been saved from melting due to Acid Resistance.

- Fixed error which, if a Flame Augmenter was present on the map, was not adding the word “Flaming” to monster titles until after the first turn you’ve spent there.

- Fixed error playing sound effects and implementing lighting and graphical effects when you cast Control Diabolic at a Golem, even though the spell isn’t actually cast because it can’t affect Golems.

- Fixed error fully revealing the image of a square in Unexplored Territory when that square is queried, if the square is at least partially visible.



Caverns of Xaskazien 2 Ver. 688 MB
Jan 21, 2019
COX2 0.78.94 to 0.79.91 3 MB
Jan 21, 2019

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