COX 2 Ver. 1.03.69 released

Hello Caverns explorers!  This update is coming slightly earlier than I had intended because, as manicsatanic thankfully pointed out to me, I screwed up in the last upload, forgetting I had previously assigned the "s" key to move south (when using the WASD movement controls), and assigning it anew to the toggle stealth command...  effectively meaning WASD players were now screwed.  Sorry about that!  That has now been fixed, and there is the usual new content, improvements and bug fixes in the update here, too.

A reminder to all players - if you intend to update your current game, rather than download the full current game, you have to update step by step - skipping any single patch in your update process will have unforeseen consequences that will likely render the game unplayable.  If it's been a really long time (like, years) since you last updated, you're probably better off deleting your old game and downloading the current complete game here.

Okay here's what's new:

Major Improvements

- Re-instated Class: Survivor.

- New Perks: Hide, Improvise, Take Precautions, Lung Capacity, Sense Danger, Survive, Against All Odds.

- New Booby Trap: Rusty Spike Trap.

- New Mundane Item: Rusty Spike Trap Kit.

- New Map Tiles: Miasma, Sand Scoured Monolith, Ferry Dock.

- New Spells: Summon Dragon, Fish Out of Water.

- New Monster Variants: Lordling’s Nightmare, Rotting Revenant.

Minor Improvements

- Querying Stench Clouds, Rotting Animal Carcasses and Garbage Heaps will now print in red the pre-calculated odds of your becoming nauseous if you enter.

- Querying Paralyzing Gas will now remind you you’re safe if you have a Breathing Mask, and will also print in red the pre-calculated odds of your becoming Paralyzed if you enter.

- Standardized text output when using a Mancatcher to start with the phrase, “Mancatcher!” before displaying the effects.

- Where space allows, added line to query of any partially identitified Potion (where everything is known but the Befouled status), that Expert Alchemy would allow you to confirm or refute its Befouled status.

- Added clarification to query of Water Walking effect that it will also allow you to enter Rapids and Pools as though they were Empty Space.

- Added clarification to query of Water Walking spell and Welcoming Waters miracle that these will also allow you to enter Pools as though they were Empty Space.

- Added clarification to query of Water Walking Spellbook, Scroll of Water Walking or Welcoming Waters Prayer that these will also allow you to enter Pools as though they were Empty Space.

- Provided clarification in query and initial gain of Grow Ally perk that the perk can only be used if your square is unoccupied.

- Air Elementals and Albino Nagas can now only scatter up to half your inventory on a hit, instead of potentially all of it, as they were proving just too annoying. Their info on query has also been changed to reflect this new fact.

Bug Fixes:

- Fixed typo in text output when you try to use a Mancatcher and fail, (“Your fail to trap the target!”).

- Fixed error with some types of rare potions where finding them wouldn’t remove the object from the map, allowing you to find them over and over again in the same square.

- Fixed typo in text output of sprung Acid Trap.

- Fixed text overwrite in query of Stormlands lair title.

- Fixed error where status icons on monsters weren’t appearing for monsters who are only supposed to be detectable up to 1 square away but were detected further away because of some sort of perk.

- Fixed error where certain monsters that should or shouldn’t be visible on the mini-map were/weren’t.

- Fixed error not displaying health bar for certain monsters that shouldn’t normally be detected but are because of some sort of perk.

- Fixed error still listing Call Yorick’s Trunk miracle as costing 100 Faith in the miracle list, when you worship Vestonis.

- Fixed error where Gnoll Bodyguards could be assigned to protect NPCs.

- Fixed error that could remove the benefit of Gnoll Bodyguards from the monster assigned to be protected, depending on the order the game set up the monsters.

- Fixed error making all jewellery of Accord/of Co-operation/of Friendship give a flat 10% chance of charming monsters instead of the 5%/10%/15% chance they should have.

- Fixed errors making Fake Doors and their variants never appear.

- Fixed errors making Fake Doors and their variants reveal no info when queried, whether known to be fake or not.

- Fixed errors sometimes causing the Destroy Undead spell to play the wrong sound effect.

- Changed ‘s’ to toggle Stealth to ‘t’ to toggle Stealth. This fixes the bug that pressing ‘s’ will no longer move you south, and still prevents answering ‘y’ to a question from inadvertently toggling stealth as it used to sometimes.

- Fixed error where entering Legendary Land door to Temple of Temptation would instead take you to Murkhole.

- Fixed error not properly resetting the “Turns Spent on Map” counter to 0 when entering a Legendary Land.

- Fixed multiple errors where Booby Traps that you try to set but accidentally set off on yourself weren’t doing as much damage as they were supposed to.

- Fixed error allowing Advanced Necrology to kick in even if you were killed in the combat, healing you after the combat and potentially resurrecting you.




Caverns of Xaskazien 2 Ver. 696 MB
Aug 21, 2022
COX2 1.02.87 to 1.03.69 4 MB
Aug 21, 2022

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