COX 2 Ver. 1.01.53 released

Happy last day of the year, everyone!  It's only been a week since the last update, but in that last release it turns out that by fixing one error I created a new, more serious one - if you've been playing in the last week or so and tried to recharge a wand/staff/or rod, then changed your mind before you could finish the recharge, then you know what I'm talking about.  Couldn't let such a serious error stand.  But I also didn't want to release right away again with just a bug fix.  SO!  Bug fixed, sure, along with others, and even MORE new content and updates.

Check it out!  Enjoy!  And here's hoping 2022 is better for all of us than this Covid-festered 2021 has been.

What's New?

Major Improvements

- New Map Tiles: Clay Oven, Sepulchre.

- Idol map tile replaced by 3 new variants - Small Clay Idol, Stone Idol and Large Metal Idol.

- New Spell: Cause Shadows.

- New Mundane Item: Sacred Bone.

- Restored Class: Missionary.

- New Perks: Scent of the Dead, Pilgrimage, Death Comes to All, Rest in Pieces, Bone Collector, Lay to Rest, Consecrate Grave.

Minor Improvements

- Salamanders are now immune to smoke inhalation, which should keep them from dying when hanging around the fire and lava they love.

- Flame Augmented monsters also now gain 100% fire immunity because they’re on fire and yet somehow unhurt by it!

- Increased damage done by Thorn Twine from 3 - 6 to 3 - 18, to make it more useful as a High Power Magic Item.

- Glyphs of Undeath will no longer resurrect dead Golems of any kind because they were never alive to begin with.

- Tweaked graphics of Marble Pedestals to give a better differentiation between those that have been used and those that have not.

- Foul Stench spell now has a 66% chance of creating Stench in each of its targeted squares instead of 75%, because it could be overpowered.

Bug Fixes

- Added new check into monster AI to try to prevent periodic game freezes. With any luck, this will be the last of those freezes.  The last one I thought I encountered turned out to be just a strange, long pause, so in the rare event that your game seems to freeze, try giving it a sec.

- Fixed errors causing Mud Confined, Lava Confined and Acid Confined monsters to move in strange patterns.

- Fixed error allowing monsters and NPCs to enter Permasmoke while simply wandering. (This is the rare variant of magical Smoke that is static, never dissipating or spreading).

- Fixed rather serious bug introduced in last update that could prevent you from interacting with squares if you went to the Recharge side screen and then aborted without recharging any given wand/staff/rod.

- Fixed error outputting “The figurine crumbles” instead of “Summoning Trap” when a monster triggers a friendly Summoning Trap.

- Fixed error often scrolling “Already Slept” whenever you successfully used the “Sleep Anywhere” perk, because the game was interpreting the click as multiple clicks.

- Fixed error making Giant Trophies apply the effects of any Dampness event to any Chitin Plating in your inventory instead.

- Fixed error not outputting “Trophy Hunter!” in the text when you find a Giant Trophy as a result of the Trophy Hunter perk.

- Fixed error still printing question of whether or not you wanted to use a Golem Assembly Table when it was outputting the text to tell you you’d failed to use it properly and caused an explosion.

- Fixed minor error not outputting “Palantir of Hard Reality!” above “No target!” if you tried to use a Palantir of Hard Reality without an appropriate target.

- Fixed text overwrite in query of all Swamp Golems.

- Fixed error outputting a small amount of gibberish at the tail end of the announcement that you’ve tried to set any kind of Pendulum Trap and failed.

- Fixed text overwrite in query of any friendly Pendulum Trap.

- Fixed bug outputting wrong graphic in Situation Panel when you read a Scroll of Gibberish and had at least Basic Runic Lore skill.

- Fixed outdated code calling a Boulder Hurling Cave Giant simply a Boulder Hurling Giant (from back in the days when there was only 1 type of Giant).

- Fixed outdated code calling a Rod of Armament Creation a Rod of Object Creation (from back in the days when the spell was called Create Object).

- Fixed error in Shakes event checking to see if you avoid Nausea instead of checking to see if you avoid Dizziness.

See you next year!


Caverns of Xaskazien 2 Ver. 696 MB
Dec 31, 2021
COX2 1.00.84 to 1.01.53 4 MB
Dec 31, 2021

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