COX 2 Ver. 0.91.70 release

As always, this update brings a lot of new content, tons of bug fixes, and restores previously removed player classes!  But it also includes some significant quality of life improvements, specifically following up on user requests.  Because of some revisions to the Options Menu, with new options added, the old preferences.cox file will no longer function, and will be overwritten when you download the new patch, so you will have to restore any preferences manually.  Hope everyone enjoys!  Here's the goods:

Major Improvements

- Restored classes: Tomb Raider, Witch Hunter, Smith, Rogue, Mage.

- New Perks: Disturbed Ground, Archaeology, X Marks the Spot, Death Ward, Better Safe Than Sorry, Fine Where I Am, Black Market Connections, Sense Demonic Presence, Defensive Sigil, Soul Collector, Silverblood, Clean Slate, The Forked Sign, Sigil of Goodness, Tinker, DIY, Tidy Work Station, Hammer Blow, Used to the Forge, Biceps of Steel, Manufacture, Master Key, Scale Sheer Surfaces, Deactivation, What’s In Its Pocketses, Spot Trap, Perfect Concealment, Reset Tumblers, Knowledge Is Power, Concentration, Raw Power, Some Assembly Required, Specialize, Clear Your Mind, Channel Energy.

- New Booby Traps: Stone Stomping Foot Trap, Slamming Wall Trap, Dual Crashing Walls Trap, Crumbling Floor Trap.

- New Map Tiles: Fake Door, Fake Heavy Door, Fake Rusted Door, Fake Stone Door, Fake Curtain, Hanging Body, Green Flame Brazier (replacing old Brazier, and with old Brazier now being renamed as a Holy Brazier).

- New Room Theme: Gallows.

- New Spells: Spider Climb, Stone Fling (also castable by monsters), Invoke Fairy Mischief, Sonic Boom (also castable by monsters).

- New Random Name generator available when creating a character, which takes into account Race, Sex, Class and Religion.

- Added a new option in the Options menu to control the frequency at which monsters make sound, in case anyone found the super common frequency irritating. The frequency now defaults to 1/4 as often as previous, and the player’s choice will be saved in their preference file. Because of this, a new preference file is included in the download, and will overwrite previous preferences - players will have to reset their preferences after this update.

- Added option in the Options Menu to adjust Auto-save Frequency, and made this setting save in the player peferences file.

Minor Improvements

- When drifting from a Rapids square into another Rapids square, there’s now only a 50% chance of checking for drift and drown effects in the new square, to cut down on the deadliness of bouncing around in Rapids and being dashed apart in a single turn.

- Drought event will now also remove Mist and Mist Spawners from the map.

- On the Map screen, Secret Doors will now additionally be marked with an “S”.

- The game will no longer force a pause when Light Healing is cast by a Glyph of Goodness, because it could get irritating.

- Standardized the text formatting of notifications of the results of interactions with multiple squares.

- When placing monsters on a new level, the scope of variation in difficulty has been lowered. It used to be that monsters could be chosen up to 5 levels tougher or weaker than your current dungeon level - now it’s up to 3 levels tougher or weaker. With the recent increase in power of monsters, this should prevent characters from facing too tough (or too weak) opponents.

- Ringing a Brass Gong will now clarify in the output text whether or not what you summoned is friendly.

- Revamped the way Harsh Taskmasters work. They can now all only train 5 times, instead of 5 times the Dungeon Level. But they provide 10X the Dungeon Level in experience (instead of a flat 10 Experience) and cause damage equal to the Dungeon Level (instead of a flat 1 damage). This should make them less of a pain in the ass to deal with, while also making them harder to abuse.

- Clarified in query of Headdress of Telepathy that it won’t reveal monsters of Automaton Intelligence.

- Bedrolls in your Inventory or that are retrievable will now be listed in blue only if you haven’t yet slept on the map, otherwise they’ll be listed in gray to remind you they’re momentarily unusable.

- Adjusted Submerged Cave Entrance graphic to improve its appearance.

- Made Gambling Skill 30% less effective because it was overpowered.

- Added Situation Panel text output of results of using an Elevator.

- Changed the look of Darkest Depths squares to make them more visually distinct from Bubbling Creekbeds.

- Added “red text” calculated output of how much you can gain to queries of Alluman Shrines.

- Made it possible for Detect Treasure spell and Nose For Gold perk to detect Silver in addition to the other treasure types because it was slightly overpowered.

- Updated queries of “Experience” and “Char. Level” in Character sidebar to mention Perk gain upon leveling up.

- Blank Spell Books will now be denoted by the “Book” icon rather than the “Mundane” icon in Inventory and Retrievable lists.

- Blank Spell Books will now sort themselves in after Tomes and Spell Books when you click “Reorganize”.

- Evaporation spells will now also affect Pools and Plumbed Pools, and turn all affected squares to Sand instead of Empty Space.

- The game now keeps track of the formal day of the week, date and month, displaying and allowing you to query these things in the Event screen. Currently this is for anecdotal purposes only, and to give some sense of structure to the Holiday system.

- Maximum number of letters in a Character’s name has been increased from 19 to 25.

- Game will no longer let you proceed from Character Creation if your character lacks a name.

- Once you’ve begun inputting a character name, a new, clickable “> Go Forth!” message appears. Clicking this functions the same as if you’d hit “Enter”.

- The Character Creation screen now utilizes a cleaner, easier to read font, unless you've selected the gothic fonts in your preferences.

Bug Fixes

- Fixed text overwrite in query of Submerged Memorial.

- Fixed game crash when initialized on a system with no audio hardware.

- Fixed error outputting in the Situation Panel the incorrect amount of Faith gained when drinking Mezcal.

- Fixed typos in text output when you gain or improve the Scalecraft perk.

- Fixed pluralization errors when using the Grace or Exalted perks and regaining “1 Spell Points”, for instance.

- Fixed typos (missing apostrophe in “it’s raging”) in initial text output when gaining Fire with Fire perk, as well as when querying the perk.

- Fixed typos in Smoke Gets In Your Eyes, Steam Burst Eruptions and Fuming Events - “as long as your remain on this level”.

- Fixed error where a Spell Recharging Arch was telling you it would have restored spell points but you already had full, even if you only had full because it just restored your spell points.

- Fixed errors not giving correct info when querying Prismatic Water or Hot Springs.

- Fixed typo in query of Nausea Prayer (“unable to fight or used spells”).

- Fixed typo in query of Evaporation spell book (“within square of you”).

- Fixed outdated info in query of Lucky Coin, claiming it increased your odds of winning at Wheels of Fortune by 5% instead of 10%, which it actually does.

- Fixed text output error claiming Vestonis had granted you the Legendary Weapon that you actually received by pulling from a Stone.

- Fixed error supplying no accompanying text when the Drought event is enacted.

- Fixed missing line of text in query of Oil of Fiery Burning.

- Fixed errors preventing Polished/Reflective/Mirrored Breastplates/Shields/Helmets, as well as the Bask Dropper, from actually protecting you from Death Gazes.

- Fixed errors allowing Weapons of Irritation/Pain/Agony, as well as Hedgethorn and Andillian’s Shard to damage monsters even when those monsters successfully struck from a distance.

- Fixed errors allowing Breastplate/Shield/Helmet of Soothing/of Mending/of Healing, as well as Shield of Caleese and Gilcrad’s Portable Way Station to heal you when you achieve Distance Strike, even though that clearly means the monster didn’t miss you (it just didn’t swing).

- Fixed errors not immediately applying effects of the new square you occupy when your square is turned into Poison Gas, Smoke or Steam as a result of a Booby Trap.

- Fixed errors where finding the rarest and most powerful Blank Spell Books would produce text errors in the Situation Panel, and result in you finding a lesser Blank Spell Book.

- Fixed typos and text overwrites in query of Submerged Cave Entrance.

- Fixed error causing Submerged Cave Entrances not to be visible in the View Screen.

- Fixed error outputting gibberish if you hit a monster with an Acid Jet spell, but its Defense is already 0.

- Fixed error with multiple squares where, when letting you know the results of an interaction, the second line of output text would be written in a small font.

- Fixed error that could sometimes add gibberish to the text output of interaction with a Recharge Station.

- Fixed error displaying Spent Dwarven Mithril Forges in the wrong colour.

- Fixed errors displaying blank Wall graphics instead of walls with varying shelves in the Situation Panel when you search Cluttered Shelves. Did the same for Stained Glass Windows and Detected Secret Compartments.

- Fixed pluralization error in text output of Battle Harden miracle (“You gain 1 Experience Points!”).

- Fixed error not turning Lava Pits to Open Pits when they’re hit with an Extinguish spell or Ice Crystal Powder.

- Fixed error not outputting full info about To Hit bonuses or bonus damage when querying The Reslayer.

- Fixed errors not providing any info when you query a Friendly Astral Trap, a Friendly Spell Drain Trap or a Friendly Blinding Light Trap.

- Fixed errors not putting on health bars for Phantoms or Poltergeists, even when they’re in the same square as you.

- Fixed error not destroying Prayer of Battle Hardening after use.

- Fixed errors that could rarely cause effects that were supposed to happen upon entering a new map to occur multiple times, if the map generation was forced to restart for whatever reason.

- Fixed error scrolling “Auto-hit” for Gelatinous Cubes, even if they don’t get to attack due to Distance Strike.

- Fixed error, when your character is Blind, preventing you from seeing some things you should be able to see if you have Keen Smell or other perks that allow you see what you normally couldn’t see.

- Fixed error outputting “Horn of Silence!” instead of “Horn of Deafening!” when you use a Horn of Deafening.

- Fixed errors not taking into account Berserk spell effect when displaying base damage ratings on the Inventory screen.

- Fixed error causing Riddle Master perk to also increase your chances of successfully assembling a golem at a Golem Assembly Table.

- Fixed error causing Darkest Depths to frequently crash the game when it spawned a new water monster.

- Fixed error causing queries of unsealed Darkest Depths to register as normal Water.

- Fixed error causing failures at Phlaunisian Shrines to slow down Goblinoids instead of speeding them up.

- Fixed error not sounding gong at Temple if, as an Agnostic, you deposited Faith but no Treasure.

- Fixed error displaying your own square rather than the Secret Compartment square in the Situation Panel when you say you want to try to open a Secret Compartment but are warned that this may result in you finding more Gold than you can carry.

- Fixed errors listing certain powerful grimoires in your inventory or dropped lists in gray rather than blue, even if you could use them.

- Fixed errors labeling Blank Mystic Spell Book, Blank Arcane Spell Book and Blank Eldritch Spell Book as “Blank Cabalistic Spell Book” when you queried them.

- Fixed errors preventing you from actually using Blank Spell Books that have a Magic Item Use skill requirement, regardless of your Magic Item Use skill level.

- Fixed text overwrite in query of Langkleyan Shrine.


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Jun 11, 2020
COX 2 0.89.31 to 0.91.70 3 MB
Jun 11, 2020

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