COX 2 Ver. 0.89.31 released ON THE SAME DAY as 0.89.30! (Whoops!)

Discovered a small but happiness reducing bug and didn't want to let it sit for the few months it will take for the next update.  Sorry I didn't catch it sooner!  Ver. 0.89.31 changelog:

Bug Fix

- Fixed bug causing Giant Maggots, Shrouded Rotters, Poltergeists, Sasquatches, Pyrodiles, Dark Dwarves and Saurans to do max damage every time they hit you.  (Their minimum damage ratings were accidentally set equal to their max.  Woops!)


Caverns of Xaskazien 2 Ver. 688 MB
Mar 30, 2020
COX 2 0.89.30 to 0.89.31 2 MB
Mar 30, 2020

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